I run my fashion label Shamanic Nights as a sole trader, designing and making garments from recycled fabrics. I originally intended making patchwork quilts incorporating silk designs with animals, but as I started, the work turned into dressing gowns. People at shows expressed their admiration and desire to wear them as coats, so jackets, dresses and coats are now included.
I had long noticed the amount of good quality unworn clothes in charity shops, having often bought them for myself. I would rather know that I have contributed to charitable causes, rather than the chain stores. So it was an easy decision to use recycled fabrics, where there was an endless supply. Fabric that is hardly worn, deserves to be appreciated by giving it a new life, and saving it from landfill, which needs to diminish drastically. All finished garments have contributed approximately £20-£35 to high street charity causes.
Finding and designing the colour co-ordinations is a continual source of inspiration to me; I never know exactly the outcome. I forage for fabrics which when coordinated together, will inspire me to a design concept. I may start with a plain linen, or a printed cotton, then using my colour co-ordination skills, I collect other fabrics to add to the group, making a new fabric 'patchwork design'. I am continually surprised at the new design ideas which come from 'foraging'.
I often visualise a new design for silk painting, as I view colour group collections with a 'found' print. I can mix the silk dyes to tone with the collective colour group. My hand painted silk designs are included in some garments, and will feature increasingly as I use peace silk; currently I am using up old silk stocks.

Some garments are made with simple rectangular patches, creating garment shapes as I go, whereas more fitted jackets and dresses incorporate different fabrics across pattern piece sections. Due to the time invested in my fashion making, taking a lot of care piecing together fabrics, it can never be a fast process. The entire process is creatively satisfying and in the end you have a totally unique new garment, well made, durable, unrepeatable, and timeless. Hopefully it wont be thrown away for a long time!

If you have favourite clothes, favourite prints, you no longer fit; I give a bespoke service, cutting and making these up into a new jacket, or dressing gown, possibly adding in coordinating fabrics to give a fresh look.